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  • "Lawrence reaches people with his distinct voice, and his songs about daily life may comfort & disturb you, make you laugh & cry & renew or awaken your urge for freedom."              - BOB GEORGIUS             (Voice of the Village Newspaper Editor)
      • "He is truly gifted. His music is very different and I like his singing style. It's informal, candid & to the heart."                                                                                          - OJ - (Photographer) 
  • "Another Neil Young." - G. MILLER (Fan)Author 

As one fan puts it, "His voice takes me to a higher place spiritually."
And another states, "I feel relaxed & all my problems are gone when I listen to one of his songs. He's so amazing...I feel happy every time I listen to one of his songs."
Still another says, "His music is inspiring, enjoyable and well, just amazing."

And one stalwart fan emphasizes - "Good songs produce an emotional experience for the listener, and his songs do just that and much, much more. If these songs don't hit you like that, then you're just not alive, man!"

For a limited time, Lawrence is giving away two free singles from his very popular CDs.
The songs are "Fly Away" (a folk rock song that'll hit you where you live - it may remind you of the Eagles or Neil Diamond) & "Hope It Doesn't Rain (an alt-country you've got to hear - it's magical - like Don Henley or Jackson Browne).
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